Mindfulness: Let The Light Reach Your Subconscious

Our conditions affect our lives, but not always. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many inventions and discoveries.

Most of us are not able to achieve more, but what stops us? Why can’t we do unique things? Actually we keep looking outside for answers, while it remains inside us all this while. We are the centre!

The room is filled with light the moment we open the doors and windows. It doesn’t have to be brought form outside. Light of mind is also like this. It is present forever.

Subconscious mind is the reason behind unsolved issues. If you are not able to sleep, your mind is anxious. You can solve questions of your body through your roots only. Most of the darkness lies here. But we could not reach there. Our full focus is on the tree, not the root.

How do we take decisions? To know this, there must be a little rest from outside. Do not make others responsible for your decisions. Note that here ‘others’ mean everyone else instead of you. It is not the world’s but your crisis. Go inwards while remembering Kabir who said: There are some who search and find like a diver who brings something from the deep. There are others who are too afraid and remain sitting by the shore.

Give some light to your subconscious mind. It will illuminate you.